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Mr. Sejoscha Agiri & Mr. Itay Gil
Daimlerstr.8 /45891 Gelsenkirchen / Gelsenkirchen / +49-209-1656222  /

Protect Academy is the only Close Protection Institute certified under Mr. Itay Gil worldwide.

Based on Israeli standard this academy is no place of "dojo-krav maga".
It goes deeper and starts where others end - beyond ordinary "counter-terror wanna be" institutions and courses.

The backbone of our academy is vocational training, further eduacation and academical teaching.

At Protect Academy we will bring the best out of you. 
We will teach you the theory and practical skills - so you will know how to do your job.

     the facility

  • is about 1500m² big

  • owns 3 training areas

  • has a separate seminar room

  • has an own armory with all kinds of training weapons

  • a wide range of safty gear

  • 250m² combat fitness place

  • multimedia equipment
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