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PROTECT ACADEMY offers high quality Instructors - and Close Protection Courses.                PROTECT ACADEMY and PROTECT are no federations, associations, etc...

We are an institute that wants to raise the quality of selfdefense and security.                       Let`s see, if we can bring you to better skills and raise your business.

Participate from over 20 years experience in Krav Maga, security and business.                    Feel free to get in contact with us. 

Subjects of the course
  • learning about human behaviour - the behaviour is the key factor to the technique
  • specialized warm-ups, emphasis on combat skills
  • scenario testing: performing under pressure, human behaviour, biofeed
  • diagnosis
  • stabbin knifes (burstin`, biomechanic on different angels of attack)
  • identify & prefend - based on body-language
  • suspicious behaviour
  • testing on repetition
  • gun disarming (all angels, laboratory)
  • baton
  • chokes, bearhugs
  • groundfighting & defense
  • awareness training
  • Force on Force Training

  • you have to know about Krav Maga!
  • good instructional skills
  • you have to be minimum 25 years old
  • good physical condition / fitness

the 2nd PROTECT Instructors Course in Germany

tuesday, 10.10. till saturday,14.10.2017
every day from 9.00am to 5.00pm

2000€ (regular, no Krav Maga Instructor title)
1500€ (if you are already a Krav Maga Instructor)

The Course is held by Protect Master Instructor S.Agiri.
The testing will be held PROTECT CEO Itay Gil (Israel).
The Protect Academy is on of Germanys biggest facility for selfdefense and teaching.

Protect Academy
Mr.Sejoscha Agiri
45891 Gelsenkirchen

    Close / VIP Protection from the best in its best

    *  Basic Close Protection
    *  Intermediate Close Protection
    *  Advanced Close Protection

     You are already a Krav Maga or Law Enforcement Instructor but you feel something is missing?
      You feel uncomfortable with your organisation or the way things developed?

      Let`s talk about what is wrong and see, if we can help you to become the instructor you wanna be.
      Feel free for a not binding talk or meeting to see what is missing.
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    Become a Krav Maga instructor with international certification.
     Learn reality based, combat proved, professional Krav Maga from authentic experts.

     The length and quality of our Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) ensures, that you are equipped with all the tools you need, to be an
     excellent Krav Maga instructor and create a successful business.
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