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   PROTECT offers different high class courses for private persons and companies. Here you got a general overview of our spevial services.

   They this may vary from duration and expiration.

   If you need more details or like to get a special offer for you or your company, please feel to get in contact with us.

  The goal of this training is to be AIR-Safe, enable airline attendants handle air rage incidents, public
  frustration, abusive passengers, and dealing with specific groups of members of the public whose
  behavior is sometimes erratic and unpredictable, such as fare evaders, beggars, hooligans, people
  who do not comply with smoking or other restrictions, and people who have consumed excessive
  amounts of alcohol or drugs.

  Learn the best practices of recognizing and anticipating both the man-made and natural internal and
  external risks that are threatening the hotel industry in your area, as well as how to excel in planning,
  designing and managing all aspects of security during routine, crisis and recovery...

  Airport Security for Selectors was specially designed to develop the knowledge and
  awareness, train detection and reaction skills and empower and direct the emergency
  response instinct of airport security selectors.

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  Self-preservation is essential in today`s sociaty. PROTECT offers conflict management and personal
  defensive strategies for a complete spectrum of scenarios. We provise inter-personal conflict skills
  from verbal confrontations to active management of physical countermeasures against attack.

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